We must work together to ensure that Frederick is able to provide world-class public services for all of us. With that in mind, I will collaborate with public leaders to maintain, improve, and enrich the incredible resources that Frederick County has to offer, from health and safety, to housing, recreation, and human services.

  • Parks & Recreation: Maintaining and enhancing our public parks, trails, bikeways, recreational opportunities, and community and senior centers is essential for our growing number of young families, seniors, and everyone in between. 
  • Public Libraries: Ensuring that our public libraries and cultural spaces continue to be places of learning, refuge, and connection is essential. 
  • Public Health: I recognize racism as a public health crisis and will work to address disparities in health outcomes in our community. 
  • Public Safety: I will ensure safe communities by investing in fire & rescue services, sheriff’s deputies, and emergency communications while expanding our mobile crisis unit and focusing on mental health and addiction.
  • Human Services: I will enhance our community partnerships by using public resources wisely and effectively in a manner that leverages the many successful efforts already underway by our non-profit organizations.