Check back here to see our platform and policies as they develop with feedback from you.

COVID-19 Response

The impacts of COVID-19 have exposed systemic weaknesses in our society and our government. Amidst the tragedy and loss of this past year, the pandemic has also given us a chance to do better- to examine how we take care of each other, as an entire community.

I will focus on learning from the challenges of this time to improve government processes, services, and communication to help families and businesses emerge from this pandemic stronger than ever.

Livable Frederick: Our People & Our Environment

I will expand on recommendations from Livable Frederick and the upcoming Climate Emergency Mobilization Work Group Final Report to ensure that we manage growth in a way that benefits our families, businesses, and the environment.

We can preserve agriculture while incentivizing best practices that improve soil quality. We can accommodate new residents and businesses while utilizing smart growth policies that enhance our quality of life and protect public health. And we can build climate resilience while providing new workforce development and green jobs.

Good Government

I know that very little can be accomplished if we don’t foster trust in our local decision-makers. If we don’t have the right leaders for people to believe in and depend on. I am committed to open and transparent government from enhancing open data and access to information, to improving communication among the executive and legislative branches and the public at large

I will always value the place of the public in government processes. This means that having your “voice at the table” is not symbolic but authentically welcomed and received, and that “building the table together” is even better.

Opportunity For All: Education & Our Economy

Our shared Livable Frederick vision states: “The year is 2040. Frederick County is a vibrant and unique community where people live, work, and thrive while feeling a strong sense of place and belonging.” I believe in this vision of achieving “Livable Frederick” — but, I will also be a leader that aims for beyond livable.

  • Making public education a priority,
  • Continuing to innovate in economic and workforce development, and
  • Filling our toolkit with more ways to provide diverse, affordable housing options to working families.

And we cannot ignore the racial disparities in health, housing, safety, and educational outcomes that already existed and have only been exacerbated by COVID-19.

Quality Of Life

We must work together to ensure that Frederick is able to provide world-class public services for all of us. With that in mind, I will collaborate with public leaders to maintain, improve, and enrich the incredible resources that Frederick County has to offer, from health and safety, to housing, recreation, and human services.

  • Parks & Recreation: Maintaining and enhancing our public parks, trails, bikeways, recreational opportunities, and community and senior centers is essential for our growing number of young families, seniors, and everyone in between. 
  • Public Libraries: Ensuring that our public libraries and cultural spaces continue to be places of learning, refuge, and connection is essential. 
  • Public Health: I recognize racism as a public health crisis and will work to address disparities in health outcomes in our community. 
  • Public Safety: I will ensure safe communities by investing in fire & rescue services, sheriff’s deputies, and emergency communications while expanding our mobile crisis unit and focusing on mental health and addiction.
  • Human Services: I will enhance our community partnerships by using public resources wisely and effectively in a manner that leverages the many successful efforts already underway by our non-profit organizations.